Headgasket, Timing Chains & Clutch Replacement.
Car: 1993 Corrado VR6

This is a comprehensive list of just about everything you could/should replace. If you are looking to do only one step, I have separated each group into: clutch/timing chain, Headgasket and finally cooling system. Additional items, such as cleaners and tools, are not included.
I would not recommend doing this without the factory Bentley manual. As always, double check part numbers and prices with the vendor. I'm not liable for typos and/or omissions. Most of this info was gathered on July 11th 2002.
Contact me if you have additions, corrections or questions (please give me a reasonable amount of time to respond).

Be safe!

DIY Timing Chain replacement procedure
Gary Thompson's (VgRt6) excellent write-up Link

New! Corrado Hood Release Page Link

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Timing Chain / Clutch

Qty. Part# Description Price


1 021.198.141 Sachs OEM Clutch $159.95 www.germanautoparts.com Disc, Pressure Plate, TO-Bearing
1 02A.198.010 Clutch Install Kit $53.50 www.germanautoparts.com Guide tube, Fly & PP bolts, Rear Main seal
1 021.109.503.A Upper Timing Chain $49.00 www.germanautoparts.com Double Row
1 021.109.465.B Lower Timing Chain $29.00 www.germanautoparts.com  
1 021.109.467 Tension Rail, Lower $39.75 www.germanautoparts.com  
1 021.109.469 Guide Rail, lower timing chain $4.50 www.germanautoparts.com  
1 021.109.513 Guide Rail, upper timing chain $13.50 www.germanautoparts.com  
1 021.109.509.A Tension Rail, Upper $28.95 www.germanautoparts.com Use with (021.109.507.A) tensioner bolt only
1 021.109.507.A Tensioner Bolt, Upper $31.25 www.germanautoparts.com Early Style
1 RTV Sealant Permatex RTV $6.67 Auto parts store For timing chain covers
1 Labor Resurface Flywheel $50.00 Machine Shop  


1 021.198.012.A Headgasket Set $109.00 www.germanautoparts.com Head, intake, valve cover, exhaust, valve guide seals, thermo housing seals
1 021.198.384 Head Bolt Set $57.00 www.germanautoparts.com OEM Stretch Bolts
6 021.109.611.F VR6 Exhaust valves ($16.00ea.) $96.00 www.germanautoparts.com Optional
12 027.103.419 Valve Guides ($3.00ea.) $36.00 www.germanautoparts.com  
6 101000035AB NGK Sparkplugs ($5.19ea) $31.11 www.impexfap.com BK5REKU
12 035.906.149.A Injector Seals ($2.25) see note   www.impexfap.com 0280210711, SEAL FUEL INJ. (Note: Not sure if priced each or 5 to a package)
1 LM3010 Lubro Moly Assembly lube $4.99 www.germanautoparts.com Use on cam bearing surfaces
1 Labor Complete Valve Job $250.00 Machine Shop Steam Clean, Deck, Re-cut valve seats, install guides & seals, set valve heights.

Cooling System

1 Optional Complete Hose Set (Samco Silicon)   www.turn2usa.com If you are replacing all the coolant hoses, you may want to consider this option for $399.95 (OEM hoses total $269.45)
1 021.121.050.C Water Pipe (crack pipe) $30.01 www.impexfap.com Runs from water pump to thermo housing
1 021.121.058.A Oil cooler/coolant hose $8.46 www.impexfap.com  
1 021.121.096 Oil cooler/coolant hose $6.00 www.impexfap.com  
1 535.121.063.A Exp. Tank Hose (Coolant) $44.24 www.impexfap.com  
1 535.121.101.L Upper Coolant Hose $101.45 www.impexfap.com  
1 1H0.121.073.C Coolant Hose $26.00 www.impexfap.com  
1 1H0.121.157.H Coolant Hose $44.33 www.impexfap.com  
1 535.121.051.C Lower Coolant Hose $38.97 www.impexfap.com  
1 021.121.117.A Thermostat Housing $30.00 www.impexfap.com  
3 N90316802 O-Ring ($0.94ea.) $2.82 www.impexfap.com O-Rings for 3 sensors in housing
1 021.121.133.D Housing Adapter $8.70 www.impexfap.com  
1 N10139201 O-Ring (above adapter) $1.27 www.impexfap.com  
1 021.121.121.A Thermostat Cover Adapter $8.00 www.impexfap.com  
1 075.121.113.D Thermostat (OEM) $20.00 www.impexfap.com  
1 N90136802 O-ring, Thermostat $0.56 www.impexfap.com  
1 021.121.004.A Main Water pump & O-ring $48.50 www.impexfap.com  
1 Distilled Water Takes 2 to 6 gallons   Store Do not use ordinary tap water.
1 G12 or G11 Coolant (see note) 1 Gallon Coolant $16.00 Dealer Do NOT mix G12 and G11. To switch, you must thoroughly drain and flush the complete system.